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Platewash Recycling
National Solvent Exchange is the only platewash recycler in the United States that offers a Solvent Exchange Program.

NSX is the largest recycler of platewash solvents in the United States and holds certifications from DuPont, MacDermid, Kokak, BASF, NuPro Technologies, and EcoPrint Solutions.

Platewash solvents recycled by NSX include:
Solvit®, Solvit® QD, Optisol® Inline, Optisol® Rotary, Cylosol, Nutre-Clean? XP, Nutre-Clean? FPX, Flexcel, EcoFlex, Nylosolv? A.

Still Bottom Waste Disposal
We guarantee safe and responsible removal and destruction of still bottom waste drums. Supporting paper work ? including Waste Manifests and Proof of Destruction Certificates ? follow all orders to ensure proper handling of waste according to local, state and federal regulations including RCRA (EPA 40-CFR) guidelines.

Waste treatment services performed by Greenleaf Environmental Group, Inc.

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